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Platform Services API

PSAPI Release Notes

PSAPI Release 1.19.0

Release Date (GA): 2013-03-12

New Features:

  • Twilio capability token generation
  • Estimated wait time for pools/reps

PSAPI Release 1.11.0

Release Date (NTE): 2012-02-07

Release Date (GA): 2012-02-14

New Features:

  • Agent Enablement API - Expired renewal execution rule
  • Configuration API - Enhanced input validation

Bug Fixes:

  • Bulk API - Bulk operations stuck in the CREATED state
  • Transfer API - Returns success even when missing input

PSAPI Release 1.10.0

Release Date (NTE): 2012-01-03

Release Date (GA): 2012-01-10

New Features:

  • Configuration API - CRUD operations on user and user attribute values
  • Bulk API - Upsert operations on user and user attribute values

PSAPI Release 1.9.0

Release Date (NTE): 2011-12-06

Release Date (GA): 2011-12-13

Bug Fixes:

  • The 3scale connector should ignore unknown tenants
  • An agent can see any other agent's information from the same callcenter
  • The Glassfish administration port exposes trace information
  • JobScheduler loads the same jobs multiple times
  • Generating incorrect end date for SOW commitments

PSAPI Release 1.8.0

Release Date (NTE): 2011-11-01

Release Date (GA): 2011-11-08

New Features:

  • Agent enablement state machine runs in certain intervals and updates agents' commit state
  • Agent enablement renewal feature allows agent to manual or auto renew a commit
  • Agent enablement completion execution rule, renewal execution rule, execute certain rules (set attributes) upon an event

Bug Fixes:

  • Inconsistent callback attempt tracking
  • A customer can create a callback request in another customer's campaign
  • PSAPI does not reattempt a callback when a callback interaction ends before the reattempt time

PSAPI Release 1.7.0

Release Date (NTE): 2011-09-20

Release Date (GA): 2011-10-03

New Features:

  • Improved support for Immediate Web Callback--Phase 1
  • New REST API Calls added for allowing your to query historical agent stats data
  • Agent Stats unit information now available
  • Agent Stats now restricts access based on user permissions
  • Agent Stats has an added API for retrieving a list of stats and scopes
  • Agent Stats performance enhancements
  • Agent Enablement adds support for annotations
  • A presence socket field has been added to support CometD for the Desktop API

Bug Fixes:

  • Signon reports correct cookie timeout

PSAPI Release 1.6.2

Release Date (to NTE): 2011-09-13

Bug Fixes:

  • Requests for device information no longer return stale interactions

PSAPI Release 1.6.1

Release Date: 2011-08-09

New Features:

  • The Agent Enablement API now returns the details of a rule in all of the SOW calls

Bug Fixes:

  • Attempts to access a statement of work in a different Callcenter result in a logged error

PSAPI Release 1.6.0

Release Date: 2011-07-12

New Features:

  • Developer Portal access and reporting integration
  • New Agent Stats REST API Calls that allow one to do the following:
    • Get all stats/all scopes for an agent/list of agents
    • Filter stats by stats ids and scope ids
    • Get meta data information about stats, stats type, scope type, stats span, unit type and value type
  • Agent Enablement bundle is now integrated with the Agent Stats internal API:
    • All types of rules now can be evaluated using Stats
    • Agent Enablement REST Get calls will return information about the Stats used in both qualification and completion rules

PSAPI Release 1.5.0

Release Date: 2011-05-31

New Features:

  • Enhanced Away Reasons
  • New Agent Enablement REST API Calls that allow you to do the following:
    • Get a list of available and committed statements of work for a particular Agent.
    • Get the detail of an available statement of work for a particular Agent.
    • Get the detail of a committed statement of work for a particular Agent.
    • Commit an Agent to a statement of work.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved datacenter failover capabilities.
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