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What are the LiveOps API products?

LiveOps provides a set of RESTful APIs that give clients a solution for system integration. LiveOps also provides desktop APIs that can be integrated into custom or 3rd party applications.

Platform Services API

When I attempted to hangup/transfer a call, I received a “400 – Bad Request” error. Under what circumstances can this occur?

This can occur when the call is disconnected by either side of the connection prior to, or coincident with, the call to the API method. Check call recordings and flow visualizations to gain more insight into call activity for an occurrence off this nature

The “error_description” I received from an API call says that the request failed, but the HTTP status code is 200. Why is this?

The HTTP status code indicates whether the server was able to complete the HTTP request. The “error_description” and “status” field of the return value indicate whether the business logic processing the request encountered an issue that is application specific.

Does LiveOps support SOAP API functionality?

At this time LiveOps does not support a SOAP API.

What types of output do the LiveOps APIs return?

The LiveOps APIs currently support JSON and JSONP output.

What development tools do I need to use LiveOps APIs?

A REST API does not typically require special development tools. The LiveOps APIs use standards that are supported in every major programming language. Any toolset that sends HTTP requests and deserializes JSON messages will work.

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