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TransferData Service API

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The LiveOps TransferData Service ("TDS") API allows remote parties to associate data with a call that is being sent to the LiveOps On-Demand Contact Center Platform . A typical application for this service is sending data that has been previously collected by an IVR or agent of a different call center or platform to a LiveOps platform Agent. The data transferred to this service can be made available to a script or application via the normal LiveOps screen pop mechanism.


When a TDS session is initiated, LiveOps allocates a DNIS for the call to be transferred. When the call arrives to this DNIS in the LiveOps platform, all data belonging to that TDS session is associated with the call.


The LiveOps TransferData Service uses a REST style interface. REST requests are made using the HTTPS protocol by using GET and POST methods. Requests that modify data are made with a POST. GET requests are used to retrieve data from the service.

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