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LiveOps publishes a number of application programming interfaces that give you fine-grained control over your Cloud Contact Center integrations.

Platform Services

The Platform Services API ("PSAPI" for short) enables you to integrate the LiveOps Contact Center with custom and standard software systems. The API provides capabilities such as:

  •     Collection of Contact Center statistics
  •     Integration with third party ACD and VRU (Voice Response Unit) systems and custom software
  •     Telephony features, such as transfer, hang up, and click-to-call
  •     Reservation of hotdesking workstations

Desktop Integration

The Desktop Integration API lets you rapidly incorporate LiveOps telephony features with your existing agent desktop. This API provides methods to control agent authentication (sign in, sign out), presence (ready, idle, on call, etc.), dial out, transfer and other fundamental soft phone features. LiveOps currently provides Javascript and .NET versions of this API.

TransferData Service

The LiveOps TransferData Service ("TDS") API allows remote parties to associate data with a call that is being sent to the LiveOps On-Demand Contact Center Platform . A typical application for this service is sending data that has been previously collected by an IVR or agent of a different call center or platform to a LiveOps platform Agent. The data transferred to this service can be made available to a script or application via the normal LiveOps screen pop mechanism.

CTI Adapters

The LiveOps CTI adapter plugins allow your agents to take calls and access the telephony features of the LiveOps platform while working within the context of your 3rd party customer relations management systems (i.e. Salesforce™).

Integration Widgets

LiveOps Integration Widgets simplify the task of adding Cloud Contact Center capabilities to your own browser based applications. We currently provide a Call Back widget, allowing your customers to request an Agent call back. Additional widgets will be added to the library as needed.

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