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LiveOps® Platform™ Workstation Requirements

This document provides you with workstation requirements for agents and supervisors for using LiveOps Platform.

NOTE:  Also refer to the Supported Web Browser requirements page for your tenant. 

Example: https://callcenter.liveops.com/mason...-browsers.html

Workstation requirements

The following table contains the minimum system requirements for agents and administrators. System configuration higher than the minimum requirements might result in better overall performance.


User Type Operating Systems Available memory CPU (GHz)

Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Home

Windows 8

Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10

 2 GB 1.5 GHz

Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Home

Windows 8

Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10

2 GB 1.5 GHz

Note: Free or available RAM means the amount of free or available RAM beyond what is being used by the operating system and other applications. Additional free memory may be required to achieve adequate performance with long speed dial lists (for example, lists with over 50 members).

Workstation display settings

A minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels is required for agent and administrator workstations.


Application-specific requirements


Application Supported Browsers
Call Center Web Application Internet Explorer 9/10/11, Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest)
Phone Panel Internet Explorer 9/10/11, Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest)
Phone Panel - OpenCTI (SFDC) Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest)
Engage Internet Explorer 9/10/11, Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest)
Agent JS API Internet Explorer 9/10/11, Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest)
Multichannel Admin Internet Explorer 9

Note: Virtual Call Center (VCC) Chat is supported in Internet Explorer 11 only if compatibility mode is enabled. 

Feature-specific requirements


Application(s) Feature Supported Browsers
Phone Panel/Engage Screen recording Internet Explorer 9/10/11, Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest) with Java 7 or 8.
Engage Engage agent alert - Desktop notifications Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest)
Phone Panel/Engage WebRTC (Twilio) Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest)

Network requirements and bandwidth utilization

  • Workstations must have internet access.
  • Workstations are strongly recommended to be member of a switched network, that is no hubs.
  • Per workstation internet bandwidth: 
    • Minimum 120 kilobits per second (Kbps) dedicated bandwidth per simultaneously logged on workstation at each location, subject to a 128 Kbps minimum dedicated bandwidth per location. 
  • Screen recording option:
    • Minimum additional dedicated upload Internet bandwidth guideline per peak simultaneous agents enabled for screen recording at each location.

      • Medium or high quality setting, single, or dual screens: 170 Kbps upload

      • Low quality setting, single screen: 66 Kbps upload

      • Note: True requirement varies by screen contents, so please treat this as a guideline only for screens being recording without full motion video on them (for example, FaceTime or YouTube). Additional upload bandwidth might be required, particularly if the screen contents include large amounts of frequently changing data, for example, a full motion video. 

    • Application Level Security: If application internet blocking is in place, trust (add to whitelist) everything associated with a signed certificate issued to Zoom International SRO as it is initiated from the LiveOps screen recording software. 

  • For WebRTC (Twilio)-based phone connections, a minimum bandwidth of 512 Kbps is required through a DSL or Cable connection, that is with assured Quality of Service on the connection.
  • For the full suite of applications to work, the following IP ranges and ports must be opened through your firewall. 

IP ranges 

  • (10)

  • (10)

  • (10)
  • (EU customer only additional IP)

  • (EU customer only additional IP)


For customers who are integrating their Salesforce.com (SFDC) instance using the SFDC API, the following IPs must also be configured in the appropriate SFDC API configuration section in SFDC to allow access to the SFDC API from these IPs:




Ports Protocol Purpose
6697, 7478, 9234, 9236 TCP RCP Chat, LiveOps Presence
8443 TCP LiveOps Telephony Protocol 
9555, 9556 TCP LiveOps Map Protocol 
13443 TCP LiveOps Secure Disposition
11000 TCP SFTP and Other Secure Transfer
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