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RMX 1.2.4


This page provides a description of the changes to RMX 1.2.4. Changes are classified as:

  • Bug fix—refers to fixes that have been made to resolve problems in existing features and functions.
  • Enhancement—refers to improvements made to existing features and functions.
  • New feature—refers to new features and functions.

Release date

The latest version of RMX will be released to customers on August 12, 2015.

List of updates

Type of Update Description
Bug fix #1

Prevent Simultaneous Offer/Assign WorkRMX would sometimes  offer or assign agents multiple pieces of work simultaneously. With phone calls, an agent would receive two calls. One of the calls would not be answered and the agents would be paused. During the pause, the second call is not is not returned to the queue. When the agent hangs up, RMX thinks agent still has the second call. The agent wasn’t able to take another call until they logged out and the logged back in.

With this bug fix, RMX decouples the unanswered call from agents and returns the call to the queue. Agents no longer have to log out and log back in to take calls.
Bug fix #2

Call Transfer Problems After Changes to Agent AttributesWhen the attributes of an agent change, a bug sometimes caused RMX to detect that agent as being logged in twice. RMX would not transfer calls which specifically requested that agent.

This bug fix corrects that problem. When an agent’s attributes change, RMX now detects the agent as being logged in once and transfers calls to that agent as expected.
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