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RMX 1.2.3


This page provides a description of the changes to RMX 1.2.3. Changes are classified as:

  • Bug fix—refers to fixes that have been made to resolve problems in existing functionalities.
  • Enhancement—refers to improvements made to existing functionalities.
  • New feature—refers to new functionalities.

Release date

The latest version of RMX will be released to customers in a phased manner from April 20, 2015 with the deployment scheduled to be complete on April 27, 2015.

List of updates


Type of Update Description
Bug fix # 1

Auto wrap-up did not work when an agent was logged in to the voice and text channels—when logged in to the voice and text channels, agents, intermittently, had to manually request wrap up even when they were configured for the auto wrap-up. With this bug fix, wrap-up is initiated automatically when an agent who is configured for auto wrap-up finishes a call.

Bug fix # 2 Agent exclusion not working correctly—a bug in RMX caused the agent exclusion feature to not perform correctly for old non-voice work. As a result, an agent who was on the exclusion list was being offered (as available) by the RMX server. This bug-fix corrects the problem and exclusion requests work correctly. As a result, an agent who is on the exclusion list will not be offered by the RMX server until the exclusion request times out.
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