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Live Dashboard - March 30, 2015


This page provides a description of the changes to Live Dashboard. Changes are classified as:

  • Bug fix—refers to fixes that have been made to resolve problems in existing functionalities.
  • Enhancement—refers to improvements made to existing functionalities.
  • New feature—refers to new functionalities.

Release date

These changes to Live Dashboard will be released to customers on March 30, 2015.

List of updates

Type of Update Description
Enhancement # 1

Adding a threshold to additional Key Performance Indicators (KPI) —previously, it was possible to add threshold to only 23 KPIs. With this enhancement, you can add threshold to an additional 60 KPIs, listed in the following table.


How do I enable this feature?

No user action is required to enable to feature.

List of additional KPIs 



Aband Last 30

Expected Delay Today

Aband Last 5

Handled Last 30

Aband Today

Handled Last 5

ACL Last 30

Handled Today


Handled-Inbound Last 30

ACL Today

Handled-Inbound Last 5

Agents ACW Now

Handled-Inbound Today

Agents Eligible Now

Handled-Outbound Last 30

Agents Logged On % Now

Handled-Outbound Last 5

Agents Logged On Now

Handled-Outbound Today

Agents Not Ready Now

Long Queue Last 30

Agents Offline Now

Long Queue Today

Agents On Break Now

Offered Last 30

Agents on Hold % Now

Offered Last 5

Agents on Hold Now

Offered Today

Agents On Lunch Now

Pending Callback Queue Now

Agents On Training Now

SL % 180s Last 30

Agents Paused % Now

SL % 180s Today

Agents Paused Now

SL % 240s Last 30

Agents Ready % Now

SL % 240s Today

Agents Ready Now

SL % 30s Last 30

Agents Ready Now Inbound

SL % 30s Today

Agents Talking Now

SL % 360s Last 30

AHT Inbound Last 30

SL % 360s Today

AHT Inbound Now

SL % 60s Today

AHT Inbound Today

SL % 90s Last 30

AHT Outbound Last 30

SL % 90s Today

AHT Outbound Now

Total Active Interactions

AHT Outbound Today

Total Active Segments

Expected Delay Last 30

Transferred Today

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