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Engage 1.5.6

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This page provides a description of the changes to Engage 1.5.6, which will be deployed over a period of two weeks beginning September 9, 2015. Changes are classified as:


  • Bug fix—refers to fixes that have been made to resolve problems in existing features and functions.
  • Enhancement—refers to improvements made to existing features and functions.
  • New feature—refers to new features and functions.

List of updates


Type of Update Description
Enhancement #1

Reassign voice messagesAgents can now move voice messages from one customer profile to another, in the same way they can reassign non-voice messages. This feature currently only works with active inbound and closed calls.


How do I use this feature?

Click the Reassign button in the History pane of the Phone Panel.
Enhancement #2

Search filters entries on all lists available to an agentIf an agent doesn’t select a speed dial list, they can still search for targets by typing in the Speed Dial field. Engage will search the currently-selected list for the target.


How do I use this?

Type all or part of the name of a target in the Speed Dial field of the Engage Phone Panel.
Bug Fix #1

IssueThere were two formatting issues with the Engage Chat feature:

  1. Information in the Chat history was on one line.

  2. When a customer entered additional messages in the Chat window, the timestamp of that message overwrote the timestamp of the previous message. This usually occurred with messages entered while the agent was typing a reply.


FixThis bug fix corrects the formatting problems in the Chat window.

Bug Fix #2

IssueAny text an agent types in a Chat window but does not send disappears when the agent switches tabs. This would also occur when Engage shifted the agent to another tab to answer an inbound call.  

FixWhen an agent switches tabs before sending a Chat message, any text they have entered does not disappear. However, when the chat editor closes any text entered but not sent will be lost.
Bug Fix #3

IssueWhen agent not available rules apply, and the agent is no longer available, an error displays in the Chat window when the customer starts typing. The problem was caused by the agent being available when the Chat window displays, but they become unavailable when the chat with the customer starts.

FixEngage now respects the agent not available rules. For example, If the rule redirects the customer to a URL or enquiry form, an error message does not display and the chat does not start. Engage redirects the customer to the URL or enquiry form.
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