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Engage 1.5.4

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This page provides a description of the changes to Engage 1.5.4, which will be deployed over a period of two weeks beginning July 15, 2015. Changes are classified as:


  • Bug fix—refers to fixes that have been made to resolve problems in existing functionalities.
  • Enhancement—refers to improvements made to existing functionalities.
  • New feature—refers to new functionalities.

List of updates


Type of Update Description
New feature #1

Automatically send chat transcript—with this release of Engage, your customers can request for a transcript of their chat with your agents to be automatically sent to their e-mail address. When a customer initiates a chat, they are now able to request for a transcript of their chat with the agent by selecting a checkbox. After the agent closes the chat session, a transcript of the chat is automatically sent to the e-mail address that the customer entered while initiating the chat.

Note: This feature will only be available to customers with an active e-mail channel on Engage.


How do I enable this feature?

  1. On the Multichannel Administration page, navigate to Admin Data Field Maintenance.
  2. Select the Data Field Maintenance tab.
  3. Edit an existing field and set its field label to SendMessageTranscript.
  4. From the home page, navigate to Admin Enquiry Forms.
  5. Edit the enquiry form on which you would like to add the chat transcript option.
    Note: You can only edit a form to add a checkbox to it if you are using a custom form and not the default LiveOps provided form (called DefaultWebChatForm). If you are using default LiveOps provided form, you must create a new custom form and assign to the appropriate chat queue to it.
  6. Select the Form Fields tab.
  7. Click Add Field.
  8. Fill the appropriate information in the Form Section, Name, and Position fields.
  9. In the Label field, enter a label for the checkbox that your customer will see while initiating a chat.
  10. In the Input Type field, select Checkbox.
  11. In the Field Name field, select SendMessageTranscript (which was a field you created at step 3).
  12. Click Save.

The new checkbox will be displayed on the web-chat client that your customer uses to initiate a chat. If your customer selects this checkbox while initiating the chat, the system will create and send an e-mail with the chat transcript once the agent closes the chat session. The e-mail will be also visible as a child message in the original chat in agent's Engage panel.

Enhancement #1

Configurable default country code—Engage currently defaults to US (+1) as the default country code when users open the dial pad while placing an outbound call or while conferencing a call. With this release, you can configure the country code to which Engage should default when a user opens the dial pad in the two scenarios mentioned above. For example, if your users are based in the UK, you can configure Engage's dial pad to default to UK's country code, saving your users the hassle of selecting a country code each time.


How do I configure a default country code?

  1. Contact LiveOps support to enable this feature.
  2. Once this feature is enabled, in your Call Center, navigate to User Accounts > Edit Users.
  3. For each user that you want to configure with a default country code, set the Enable International Number Handling attribute to True and set the Agent Affinity Country attribute to the country code you want to configure as the default. For example, for the UK, enter 44.
    Note: You can bulk update these two agent attributes for all the users for whom you want to set a certain default country code.
  4. Instruct your Engage users to log out and log in to Engage for these changes to take effect. 
Bug fix #1 Alphabetically ordered disposition list—with this release of Engage, when an agent views the disposition list during a call, the list is alphabetically sorted for the agent's convenience.
Bug fix #2
Incorrect virtual queue selection when sending outbound SMS—in cases with multiple outbound virtual queues, Engage incorrectly selected the first virtual queue irrespective of the agent's selection. For example, if an outbound SMS could be sent through two valid virtual queues, and the agent selected the second one, Engage still sent the message using the first virtual queue. With this release, this bug has been resolved and Engage will correctly use the selected virtual queue.
Bug fix #3 Engage scrolling issue—when an agent selected or expanded a message and scrolled down either to read the expanded message or to simply view other messages in the interaction history, Engage erroneously repositioned the view to the top of the selected message. With this release, this bug has been resolved and scrolling works as intended.
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