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Call Center - October 21, 2015


This page provides a list of changes to Call Center. Changes are classified as:

  • Bug fix—refers to fixes that have been made to resolve problems in existing features and functions.

  • Enhancement—refers to improvements made to existing features and functions.

  • New feature—refers to new features and functions.

Release date

The latest version of Call Center will be released to customers on October 21, 2015.

List of updates


Type of Update Description
Enhancement # 1

New languages added to Phone Panel—You can now set the language used in Phone Panel to either German or Russian.

Note: French and Italian will also be available at the end of the week of October 19, 2015.

How do I switch to one of the new languages? In Phone Panel, select My Account > User Preferences, and then select the language from the Locale drop-down list.

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