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Call Center - March 15, 2017


This page provides a list of changes to Call Center. Changes are classified as:

  • Bug fix—refers to fixes that have been made to resolve problems in existing features and functions.

  • Enhancement—refers to improvements made to existing features and functions.

  • New feature—refers to new features and functions.

Release date

The latest version of Call Center will be released to customers on Wednesday, March 15, 2016.

List of updates


Type of Update Description
Enhancement #1

Previous versions of Call Center used Apple's QuickTime plugin to play audio within the application. However, Apple no longer supports QuickTime, and there are two security vulnerabilities that can enable an attacker to take control of a computer.


We've removed support for QuickTime from Call Center, which affects the following features:


  • Call Detail Report
  • Transcription
  • Surveys
  • Scorecard
  • Agent Qualifications (voice test)


We've replaced support for QuickTime with modern web technologies that allow you to play audio in Call Center.

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