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How to leverage Call Flow versioning to test call flow modifications without impacting the Production version


Contact Center Administrators may have the need to test feature changes in an existing call flow design without impacting customers who may be calling in to the “Production” version of the call flow. Serenova’s LiveOps Call Center allows administrators to leverage the versioning functionality in the call flow authoring tool and Campaign setup to fulfill this need.


To utilize this functionality, you will need the following:

  • A call flow. This can be a new or existing call flow in your tenant.
  • Two campaigns that are created as a “Call Flow Based” type.
  • A test telephone number (separate from any published numbers you may already be using for your existing campaign/call flow).
    • If you do not have an available phone number in your tenant to use as a test number, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Channel Partner as applicable to have an additional number provisioned.


How to use the feature?

  1. Open the call flow that you wish to use for this exercise and review the Versions tab to see if any of the versions are tagged as Production.

01 Flow versions screenshot_14.png


  1. Make any changes that are needed to the call flow. Save your changes and click the “Check In” button to set this call flow version with a “Production” tag on Page 2 of the Check In process.
    1. In the screenshot below, Version 4 of my “Customer Service Inbound” flow is set to be tagged as a Production.
    2. TIP: It is highly recommended that you add notes during the Call Flow check in process to track detail behind the changes being made for each version of  your call flow.  These notes will be instrumental in identifying what took place to create this version.

02 Tag as production screenshot_15.png


  1. Now let’s get our Campaigns organized.
    1. For the current example, I have two campaigns titled “Customer Service Inbound - Test” and “Customer Service Inbound - Production”
    2. If we review the Campaign settings side by side, we’ll see that the “Test” campaign is linked to the “Latest Version” of the “Customer Service Inbound” flow, while the “Production” campaign points to the “Production” version of the same call flow.
    3. What this enables us to do is assign separate inbound phone numbers to either flow. One or more phone numbers could be assigned to the “Production” campaign for customer usage, while a single test number could be assigned to the “Test” campaign.
    4. Any time a change is published in the call flow (without tagging it as production), a new version will be auto-incremented. The “Test” campaign will always use the Latest version of the flow, while, the “Production” campaign version will continue to use the “Production” version of the flow.
    5. Once you have reached a stage in your call flow revisions that you are ready to designate a later version as the new Production version, then be sure to Tag as Production when checking the flow in. Then your “Production” campaign will use the latest “Production” version of the call flow.


05 campaign side by side screenshot_18.png


  1. Finally, let’s review inbound phone number associations with the Campaigns
    1. If  you’re working with an existing campaign and call flow, you may already have one or more phone numbers assigned to the “Production” campaign. In which case you may only need to procure and assign a phone number to the “Test” flow.
    2. In the screenshot below, you’ll notice that there are two phone numbers (DNIS) linked to the two campaigns referenced above.
    3. If I dial the first number, it will utilize the “test” campaign, which is linked to the Latest Version of the call flow
    4. If I dial the second number, it will utilize the “production” campaign, which is linked to the Production version of the call flow


06 Incoming numbers screenshot_19.png


  1. One other point to note is that Campaigns can be configured to be linked to a specific version of a flow.
    1. You can leverage the settings of your “Test” campaign to point to any flow in your contact center and any version of the flow.
    2. It’s not necessary to procure multiple test numbers for every call flow that you have. As an Administrator, you can simply utilize the “Test” campaign and configure the settings to point to the flow/version you wish to test.


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