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What audio file formats does LiveOps support?

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What audio file formats does LiveOps support when creating an Audio Library of prompts and messages?


Customers can record their own audio prompts by having the LiveOps platform call them on a designated phone number.

They can also upload pre-recorded audio files.  Uploading files can be one one-by-one or can by done in bulk.


When uploading audio files, it is recommended that you use the following formats:

  • Preferred: 16 bit, mono, 8KHz, PCM .WAV file
  • Alternate: Stereo/Mono 128kbs .MP3


Higher quality audio files can be uploaded (such as 44.1KHz) but they will be transcoded down to 8khz by the system.


Audio files uploaded through the bulk file upload feature must be in .wav format.


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