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External Notification for Dashboard Thresholds

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Can the LiveOps Live Dashboard send external notifications when a KPI crosses a certain threshold? 


Visual and audible alerts and notifications are built into the Real Time Monitoring (RTM) Live Dashboards as part of the Platform.

These Dashboards can only change color sand emit an audible .WAV file on the supervisor’s computer. 

No external alerts are built-in natively.


However, the platform is designed with APIs that can send the same Dashboard content, information, statistics and KPIs to an external, third party Dashboard collector.  


Such external third party tools commonly have more capabilities and customizations for external notifications, such as:

  • SMS text messaging
  • Email alerts
  • Paging
  • Automated Calls
  • Etc.


Some external third party tools that could be considered by the customer include: 

Birst, ClearView Software, MicroStrategy, Inova Solutions,

Qlik, BIME, Tibco Spotfire, Looker, Tableau, GoodData,

New Relic’s Ducksboard, Klipfolio, Geckoboard, Domo

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