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Can I disable the Agent "Pause" function?

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Is there a way of disabling the pause function should an agent ‘miss’ a call that is sent to them?

In this case, we want the LiveOps platform to send a call to an agent and ring their assigned DID/DDI number for the configured time/period as set in the "On Call" Phase in the call flow.  If the agent doesn't answer we want the platform to move onto the next agent without pausing the initial agent it just tried.

Our agents are "very mobile" (in terms of moving around the office) and using the away states in not ideal all the time.


No.  You cannot turn off the agent "pause" feature.

But LiveOps Professional Services can assist with a feature called "Virtual Agents".

Virtual Agents will be automatically "un-paused" after a configurable number of seconds.  Please contact your LiveOps Sales Representative to learn more.



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