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App Note 021 - Setting Up Salesforce.com Dashboards


This Application Note will describe an easy process for creating LiveOps Call Center-related dashboards within Salesforce.com. 


Dashboards are based on Salesforce reports.  Salesforce reports leverage the automatically created “Call task” activity records that are generated when an agent uses the LiveOps Voice Advantage managed application found on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

See: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/l...00000016YeaEAE


As call activity records accumulate, the Salesforce.com report-based dashboards provide easy to read summary data.



Dashboards can be used to track both agent statistics and group statistics and can provide a quick way to gauge how your call center is performing.  Dashboards are created based on reports that are built inside of Salesforce.com. 


It is important to understand how to build reports properly inside of Salesforce.com, as these reports will determine the information presented within a dashboard.


Prior to creating a report-based dashboard in Salesforce.com, you will need to have a basic understanding of the Task Activity Record object.  For each call that connects to an agent who is signed into the LiveOps Voice Advantage Phone Panel a call Task Activity Record will be automatically created and associated with the Contact, Account and/or Case Record that the system displays to the agent (screen pop). 


Below is an example screenshot of a Call Task Record and some of the data it can contain.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the Task Activity Object then please consult your Salesforce.com administrator.

Configuration Steps

There are three steps to properly create a custom report-based dashboard in Salesforce.com

  1. Build a custom report in Salesforce.com
  2. Create a dashboard leveraging this custom report
  3. Assign the newly created dashboard to a user’s Home Page

We will walk through each of these steps in detail next.

Note: The following steps will require you have the appropriate permissions within Salesforce.com to create reports and dashboards.  If at any point you receive a permission error please consult your Salesforce.com administrator.

Build a Custom Report in Salesforce.com

To create a custom report inside of Salesforce, follow the steps below.


Step 1. First, navigate to the “Reports” section in Salesforce.com and click on the “New Report” button.



Step 2. Next, you will need to select the type of report you want to build.  For call center related dashboards the report you create will be based on Activities associated with the object type you want your dashboard to reflect.

Note: In the below example “Activities with Contacts” was selected.  You can select whichever object association best fits your Salesforce and LiveOps configuration.  By typing “Activities” into the search field you can see a list of all Activities and the associated objects to run the report against.


Step 3. After you have selected the Report Type, click the Create button.



Step 4. Next, you need to define the report settings.  The following will provide an example of each setting.

  • Set “Show” to match your report requirements.  For this example “My Team’s Activities” was used.



  • Decide whether or not you want to view open, closed or activities in both states.  In the example below, activities in both statuses are selected.



  • Next you will define the Show settings.  For LiveOps Call Center related dashboards only Tasks will be required.



  • Now you can define the date range to report on.  You can define your range as a custom range or select one of the predefined date ranges configured in your Salesforce instance.  For this example we will use the “Last Month” option.