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App Note 020 - Facebook Quick Start Guide


The purpose of this application note is to provide a quick start guide on setting up your corporate Facebook account so agents can reply to customer Facebook posts through the LiveOps Engage agent interface.


The LiveOps Facebook channel allows customers an additional method to choose from when reaching out to an expert within the contact center.  Businesses can now take a targeted approach to their customers’ Facebook posts by searching for keywords or phrases, pulling those posts into the contact center where trained agents can respond, while maintaining defined service levels for the channel and providing reporting on key channel metrics.  The LiveOps solution allows Facebook messages to be prioritized and can intelligently route the Facebook posts out to a properly skilled and available agent. 

Once configured the LiveOps platform will continually poll your Facebook site for new posts, comments, and links.


  • A minimum of one Facebook account with login credentials
  • Multichannel admin access to the LiveOps platform
  • Email address configured for the Multichannel user account used to create the Facebook configuration

Configuration Steps

Step 1. Log on to the LiveOps Multichannel Administration Portal as an administrator. 

Step 2. Navigate to “Admin > Settings”.



Step 3. Click on the Facebook icon.



Step 4. Then select the “Facebook Accounts” tab and click the “Add Account” button.


NOTE: You must have an email address configured for the Administrator account you are user to log into the LiveOps Admin Portal.  If you have not yet configured an email address for your admin use you will be redirected to the User Maintenance pages to set one up.


Step 5. Once a valid email address has been set, clicking on the Facebook “Add Account” button will present you with the pop up window below.  Enter the login credentials for the Facebook account you want the LiveOps solution to monitor.  Then select the Log In button.



Step 6. Upon successful login, you will get several notification windows (shown below in order of occurrence).  Select Okay for each subsequent window.  You must select Okay for each window for the LiveOps Facebook feature to work correctly.



Step 7. As the final step in adding a Facebook page to the LiveOps solution, select Close on the notification screen.



Step 8. You can confirm the Facebook link has been successfully added by finding your newly created link on the Facebook Accounts tab as seen below.


Note: If you do not see a new Facebook account listed (or virtual queue created) as a result of adding a new User ID, you do not have a page created within your Facebook account.  Create a “page” within your Facebook account (under Settings), delete your Account User ID, and add the User ID back.  You should now see your Facebook account listed.

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