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App Note 016 - Dialout Campaign Filtering


This Application Note will describe the capabilities of the LiveOps Cloud Contact Center platform to provide individual agents their own dialout list. Generally, this gives the agent more precise control over what Caller ID number will be used on the outbound call and display on the destination’s phone. This is typically used to provide a “local presence” effect.


Overview of Solution

System administrators create Campaigns in the LiveOps tenant. If the campaign is an Outbound Campaign (or a Call Flow Based Inbound Campaign with Outbound capabilities enabled) the campaign will automatically be displayed in an agent’s list when placing an outbound call.



In some situations individual agents may benefit from having their own specific, or customized, list of Campaigns to choose from when placing outbound calls. This is where Dialout Filtering comes into use.


Generally speaking, selecting a specific Campaign for use when placing an outbound call allows agents to provide a “Local Touch” or “Local Presence” effect when placing outbound calls. The Dialout Filtering feature



gives those agents easier access to just those Campaigns that matter to them; allowing for quicker access to the Campaigns with the desired telephone numbers that will be displayed on the far end (destination’s) phone.



Configuration Steps

  1. Create a new Campaign (or edit an existing one). Make sure the Campaign is either set for Type = Outbound or, if Type = Call Flow Based, make sure “Used for outbound calls” is set to “Yes” under the “Features” Tab, as shown below.




  1. Create an Agent Attribute that will be used to identify those agents (or group of agents) that will have their display of Outbound Campaigns filtered by the new Dialout Filtering List.


Select “Routing > Agent Attributes > Add New Attribute” from within the LiveOps Administrative Web Portal.


In the example below, the list has simply been named “Darren’s List”, the Category has been set as “Administrative” and the Data Type to “Yes/No” with the Default Value set to “No.”.



Note:     Any attribute Category (Administrative or Routing) and any attribute Data Type (Yes/No, Integer, String) can be used for the Agent Attribute.



  1. Once the Agent Attribute has been created you need to create the Dialout Filtering List.

Select “Configure > Dialout Filtering > Lists” from within the LiveOps Administrative Web Portal.





  1. Supply a name for your List and add any descriptive comments you would like. Select the “Attributes” tab. This is where you will choose the Agent Attribute you created in Step 2 above. Add your new attribute. Make sure “Allow all agents using Dialout to see this list and its campaigns?” is set to “No.”