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App Note 011 - Twitter Setup


The purpose of this Application Note is to provide configuration examples to assist a LiveOps administrator in setting up and configuring a corporate Twitter account so that agents can receive and exchange Tweets with end customers through the LiveOps multichannel agent interface called Engage.


Overview of Solution

The Twitter services provided within the LiveOps multichannel platform offers your end customers an additional method beyond traditional services, such as voice and email, when reaching out to service and support representatives within your organization. With LiveOps Twitter services, your business can now be proactive in meeting the growing need of providing customer service to social‐minded customers. The LiveOps Twitter services allow you to gather your customers’ tweets and then filter and search for specific key words and content in order to prioritize and properly route these messages to the right staff member or service representative.


As with all other LiveOps service channels, the LiveOps Twitter services allow you to maintain defined service levels for the channel and provide reporting on, and monitoring of, key channel metrics. The LiveOps Twitter solution allows messages to be prioritized and intelligently routes tweets to the most skilled agent available.  The LiveOps Twitter services continually poll the Twitter Universe in near real‐time, extracting tweets, mentions, searches, hashtags, direct messages and new followers.


This Application Note will walk you through the steps necessary to configure Twitter services within the LiveOps multichannel platform and show you some basic and advanced configuration techniques.  This note is intended  as a supplement to the full LiveOps Social documentation.



  • A minimum of one LiveOps agent account with login credentials who has privileges to receive Twitter interactions


  • Administrative privileges and access to the LiveOps Multichannel Administration Portal


Configuration Steps

  1. Log on to the LiveOps Multichannel Administration Portal as an administrator.


  1. Navigate to “Admin > Settings”.



  1. Click on the Twitter icon, then select the “Twitter Accounts” tab and click the “Add Account” button.





  1. You will be presented with an authorization screen from Twitter.



  • Input your username or email that is associated with your Corporate Twitter account
  • Input your password
  • Check the “Remember me” check box
  • Click the “Authorize app” button


This will access Twitter administration immediately to verify your details.


ote:       To test that your credentials were accepted, click on the hyperlink of your newly added Twitter account from the Twitter Accounts tab. This should open up your Twitter page.



  1. Your multichannel instance is now configured to receive Tweets. By default all Tweets posted to the recently configured channel will be routed to an agent.  Ensure that the agent credentials you will be using for testing is enabled to receive Tweets.  Check this by navigating to “Admin > User/Team Setup”. Edit your agent and click the “Rights” tab. Ensure that “Twitter” is checked in the “Channel Processing Rights” section: