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App Note 009 - Emergency Inbound Routing


Redirecting inbound calls in the event of an emergency such as a building evacuation or a company meeting is a common need in large call centers. If an emergency occurs in the middle of a shift, not all agents will remember to log off before leaving their desk, so contact center managers need a method to change the routing of inbound calls to effectively “close” the call center during business hours. LiveOps’ global Call Attributes can be used within Call Flows to implement the manual redirect of all Call Flows in the Contact Center.



Overview of Solution

Call Flows built with the Call Flow Authoring tool can be configured to check the value of a Call Attribute to change routing in the Arrival phase or Queue phases to prevent callers from entering or getting “stuck” in queue in the event the caller center needs to be closed during an emergency.


This Application Note will discuss the use of a ”Yes/No” Call Attribute named “CloseCallCenter” to quickly redirect all new inbound callers to a pre-recorded Emergency Closure Message and gracefully dispatch all callers that are still in queue to a “Please Leave a Voice Mail” message.



Configuration Steps

  1. Log into the LiveOps Contact Center using credentials with Admin permissions.


  1. Navigate to “Routing > Call Attributes”.


  1. Create a new Call Attribute called “CloseCallCenter”. Make the data type Boolean and set the default value as False. If you want to be able to report on the use of the “CloseCallCenter” attribute, make sure that the “Log call attribute usage”, “Use in historical reports” and “Use in real-time dashboard” parameters are checked.





  1. Click SAVE CALL ATTRIBUTE when done making changes.


  1. Navigate to “Routing > Call Flows” and modify each call flow that should be closed during a global Call Center shutdown by following the steps below:


  1. The Arrival Phase needs to have a check for the state of the “CloseCallCenter” attribute.


  1. Select the Branch on Call Attribute action and drag it to the Arrival phase before the first announcement or any other action


  1. Select the “CloseCallCenter” attribute from the drop down list.


  1. In the “True” branch, add the following actions: Play Audio and Hang Up on Caller.


  1. Select a recording for the Play Audio prompt that announces the situation to the caller.


  1. The Hang Up on Caller action will prevent the call from entering the queue. Alternatively, another action like Transfer to Number can be used to direct the caller to a voicemail box on the PBX or to  an external call answering service.





  1. If there are any calls in the queue prior to the closure, they will be “stuck in queue” unless an additional check for the “CloseCallCenter” attribute is performed.


  1. The Queue phase will need a Loop action for playing music, announcing wait time and other periodic announcements.


  1. Insert a Branch on Call Attribute action as the first step under the “Sequence of actions to be repeated”. Select the “CloseCallCenter” Call Attribute from the drop down list.


  1. Insert a Play Audio action and select a recording to announce the situation to the caller in queue.


  1. Optionally, insert the Callback with Voicemail action and configure its parameters.


  1. Insert another Play Audio action and select a recording to let the caller know the call will disconnect.


  1. Insert the Hang Up on Caller action


  1. Move any of the pre-existing Call Flow actions from the Loop action into the “For value false do:” section of the Branch on Call Attribute Action.




  1. Click SAVE CHANGES to save your work.


  1. Click on Check In to apply the changes to a production version of the Call Flow (as needed for your campaign).



Using the Solution

Once configured, closing the Call Center is accomplished by making a single change to the CloseCallCenter Call Attribute value.


Note:    Ensure that your “Emergency Queue Announcement” audio recordings announcing the reason for the closure are accurate!



Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the LiveOps Contact Center using credentials with Admin permissions.


  1. Navigate to “Routing > Call Attribute”.


  1. Locate the “CloseCallCenter” attribute in the list and click on the “Edit Attribute” link in the right-most column.


  1. Change the Default value from False to True.



  1. Click on SAVE CALL ATTRIBUTE to change the routing for the inbound Campaigns.


  1. To revert back to normal routing, change the “CloseCallCenter” Call Attribute back to False.




Additional Resources

  • LiveOps Call Routing Guide


  • LiveOps Call Flow Authoring Guide


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