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App Note 007 - Keyword Handler Best Practices


The LiveOps Multichannel Keyword Handler is a powerful tool that enables a customer to determine the routing of a message based on keyword configuration. The Keyword Handler recognizes certain words or phrases in an inbound message. Keyword rules are added, in order of priority, based on the customer business rules.


The advanced Keyword Handler configuration options allow for message routing to be specified by channel. Additionally, the keyword search process can be run separately using message subject, message body or both.


Overview of Solution

Keyword routing allows for multiple uses such as:

  • Individual word or phrase routing


  • Message routing rules per channel type


  • Enhanced or Skills Based routing


  • Auto message categorization to be used for Reporting


We will explore the above uses in this Application Note. Using the process described below you can configure message routing in accordance to an organization’s business needs.


Configuration Steps

  1. Keyword Setup Configuration: The first step in configuration is to determine the default Keyword Setup options.


  1. To access the Keyword Setup options select “Admin > Keywords” from the Multichannel Admin Web Portal as shown below:





  1. Edit the Keyword Setup options at the top of the configuration page.



Below are descriptions of the Keyword Setup options:



  1. Add a Keyword: Next you will create keywords to be matched.


  1. Beneath the Keyword Setup configuration, select the “Add Keyword” button. A new “Edit Keyword Details” configuration window will appear.




  1. Configure the options on the Edit Keyword Details configuration page using the information and descriptions below.


Note:    In the above example a keyword matching the phrase “Keyword Example” would receive a priority of 1000, the template “Auto Acknowledge” would be used to send an Auto Response, this message’s Output State would route it to the “Agent Router” and it would then be queued for an available agent.  Categorically this message would be counted under the “ACD Handler Successful” reporting Category. This keyword rule would apply to all channels and both the subject and body of emails will be searched for the key words.



See below for additional configuration options for setting up each keyword: