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App Note 005 - Email Best Practices


In order to send and receive emails within LiveOps Engage, you must first setup and configure the corporate email address inside the Contact UI.


Overview of Solution

LiveOps Engage supports a variety of methods for configuring the email server (IMAP, POP3, and SMTP). For this application note, we are going to use the SMTP method. For simplicity a Gmail account will be used. You may choose to use a corporate email address; however, you will be responsible for redirecting traffic to the LiveOps solution. Traffic must be redirected rather than forwarded to maintain sender details.


Overview of Solution

  • Super User account on the tenant
  • Valid Gmail account with password



Configuration Steps

1.   Log into the tenant using a Super User account. Super User access requires a unique User ID separate from an Administrator login, and separate URL for access to the tenant. The URL should be similar to below:




2.    Once logged in, select Admin, then Core Config Console.




  1. Select the Email Servers tab from the top.






  1. For this example, select New SMTP Server.  


  1. Enter your information into the fields accordingly, using the following as a guide. Substitute liveops.salesdemo@gmail.com in the UserName field with your Gmail address. For details on the settings, please refer to “lo_multichannel_superuserguide.4.5.0.pdf.”




   6.Click Save.  This completes the email server configuration.


Notes: To complete the email setup, please refer to section 3.4.3, Email Channel, located in the “lo_multichannel_adminguide.4.5.0.pdf.”


Tip: Ensure you have created at least one queue, and the email channel is enabled for the demo account user (Home > Admin > User/Team Setup > USER).


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