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App Note 004 - Web Chat Best Practices


When configuring a Multi Channel tenant, specifically a demonstration tenant, there are some best practices that can be followed to ensure web chat will function as desired. This application note is intended to act as an example guide for web chat configuration.



Overview of Solution

The setup and configuration of the Web Chat channel has a step-by-step process that can easily be followed to ensure that desired functionality is achieved. Configuration steps are outlined below.



Configuration Steps

  1. Style Sheet: View and verify settings for the Default Style Sheet.


*Note: From within the Style Sheet configuration you can determine the logo that will be presented to customers upon accessing the web chat session.


  1. To access the default style sheet login to Multi‐Channel administration and under Admin select ‘Style Sheets’




b.   Edit the Default Style sheet by selecting the Edit icon




*Note: Font size, window size, entry field size and many other settings are contained within the Style Sheet. As a best practice, leave the majority of this configuration defaulted. However one frequently used customization is to change the corporate logo presented when the web chat session is accessed by a customer.


  1. To change the corporate logo first you will need to clone the default style sheet and one with a unique name.



  1. Next, scroll down to the Header Configuration and replace the URL with a location containing the desired corporate logo.  See below.  *Note: This MUST be a logo accessible via the Internet. Local file upload for the corporate logo is not supported.




*As a reference the below header logo is what will be replaced when modifying this URL.



  1. Enquiry Form:  *Note: The majority of the configuration here requires LiveOps engineer access to modify. However customers can modify the title for the Enquiry Form.  This will be presented at the top of the Web Chat Enquiry Form.


  1. Navigate to the Enquiry Form configuration as seen below.




  1. Select the default Enquiry Form to edit.



  1. Modify the Title field with the desired text.



  1. Chat Queue: Now Create a Chat Queue.
    1. To create a chat queue navigate to Admin‐>Settings








  1. Select the Chat Queues tab and select Add Chat Queue