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Exporting a scheduled report to excel is not working When setting up a scheduled report through the Birst "Dashlet" and choosing excel causes the email to not contain data and show a notification Failure


Interaction Summary by Queue - Queue Callback Requested reporting 0 We identified an issue in the Interaction Summary by Queue report where the Queue Callback Requested count showed 0 when callbacks were requested.


SSO - inviting existing cxengage platform users navigates to old tenant as active tenant

Steps to reproduce

  1. add an existing cxengage platform user to a new tenant from config-ui.
  2. accept the invitation from the users email account.
  3. authenticate the user by entering username and password.
  4. observe the active tenant the user has logged in to.

Expected Result

  1. As per requirements, the active tenant must be the new tenant for which they have got invitation.

Actual Result

  1. The active tenant is the first tenant they have added to cxengage platform.


SSO - Throw appropriate error when user tries to login to Desktop and TB2 with sso from a non-corporate network

There is an issue while logging in to cxEngage front-end components when logging in from a non-corporate network.



SSO - If you don't allow popups by default and temporarily allow the SSO popup you can't successfully login to config-ui

The popup window is stuck with loading spinner and getting 403 when trying to login with temporary popup link.



sso- Default tenant is not preselected when logging in to Desktop/TB2.0/TB1.0

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set a default tenant for a user.
  2. provide login credentials in Desktop/Toolbar2.0/Toolbar1.0 and navigate to *tenant-select *page.

Expected Result

  1. Default tenant must have been pre-selected for the user as per the requirement.

Actual Result

  1. Default tenants are not preselected for the Agent.


Receiving Back A Non Voice Interaction Transferred to a Queue While Script is Still Open, Then Closing That Script Causes Interaction to End.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Accept a Messaging interaction with a script in its flow and be the only agent ready for work offers
  2. Transfer the interaction to a queue
  3. Accept work offer once it comes back.
  4. End the Script

Expected Result

  1. That the interaction would remain after closing the script.

Actual Result

  1. Ending the Script ends the interaction with the customer.


Generic List - users are able to create a second list object with an existing list-name.

Steps to reproduce

  1. create a new list object in config-ui by making a POST request to the following route:
  1. use the below josn blob as body in the request:
    "listTypeId": "1eced251-575b-11e6-b3a9-cf548af89e0d",
    "name": "Reason Codes",
    "items": [
    { "reasonName": "reason1", "reasonCode": 1000, "description": "Indicates reason1" }


    {"reasonName":"reason1", "reasonCode":2000, "description": "Indicates reason2" }


  2. Each tenant has a default List with the name 'Reason Codes'.

Expected Result

  1. user is able to create another list object with an existing list name (default list name).

    Unknown macro: { "message"}


Actual Result

  1. users are able to create another list object with an existing list name (default list).
  2. response with a 200 status code.


3rd party ivr-conference-dial-failed throw signal

Steps to reproduce

  1. conferencing a wrong 3rd party IVR number
  2. OR
  3. timeout before 3rd party reached

Expected Result

  1. flow throw ivr-conference-dial-failed
  2. catch the signal
  3. flow terminate

Actual Result

  1. flow terminate
  2. does not throw a ivr-conference-dial-failed signal


3rd party IVR record

Steps to reproduce

  1. turn ON the record option in 3rd party IVR

Expected Result

  1. record only the customer side part of the conversation

Actual Result

  1. recording both of the customer and the agent conversation.


Session Expired not being reported when user is logged in twice

Steps to reproduce

  1. Log in as an agent on Agent Desktop.
  2. Log in as the same agent in a second tab/window.
  3. Check the reporting data on a report or in the database.

Expected Result

  1. Presence reports the offline reason code id as the id for Session Expired
  2. The reason for going offline contains the Session Expired reason code id in the database.
  3. The offline state is reported in reporting.

Actual Result

  1. Presence gives the reason code id as null.
  2. The reason for going offline is null in reason code id column in the database.
  3. As a result of the above, the offline state is not reported.


Dequeue Timeout - Queue Abandon can increment wrong queue

Steps to reproduce

  1. Call into the queue.
  2. Have a work offer pop in progress for the agent when we hit the dequeue-timeout event
  3. Let the work offer expire instead of answering it
  4. After being transferred to the second queue, have the customer abandon the queue

Expected Result

  1. The second queue should now have a queue abandon attached to it.

Actual Result

  1. The original queue has a queue abandon attached to it.


Custom Realtime Dashboards - New statistics missing translations

Steps to reproduce

  1. Edit a Realtime dashboard
  2. Add a widget
  3. Select statistic and go to pick an option from the dropdown

Expected Result

  1. Clear concise stat names

Actual Result

  1. Some stats don't have translations, so they get the raw value name on our back end, like "add-participant-handed-off-count"


Click-To-SMS - Time to compose initial message not counted as interaction time

Steps to reproduce

  1. Log in as an agent on AD and find a contact with a phone number on the CRM
  2. Click to SMS the contact
  3. Ponder over what exhilarating things you have to chat about before composing and sending a message

Expected Result

  1. The time used composing a message counts as part of the interaction

Actual Result

  1. The time used composing a message does not count as part of the interaction.


Toolbar 2.0 Zendesk - Outbound Email Name not Updating When Assigned

Steps to reproduce

  1. start an outbound email using the new interaction window
  2. click to email
  3. name does not update when assigning.

Expected Result

  1. name would update like when receiving an inbound email

Actual Result

  1. name does not update like when receiving an inbound email


Messaging Details Report - Transcript doesn't distinguish between agents if transferred

Steps to reproduce

  1. View a Messaging Transcript between a customer and multiple agents

Expected Result

  1. You can see which agent made which responses

Actual Result

  1. Each response is accompanied by a generic "Agent" identifier.


Salesforce Lightning - Assign Button Shows on Search Tab

Steps to reproduce

  1. Sign into salesforce lightning
  2. Receive an interaction that has multiple records associated to it
  3. Try to Assign the interaction to the tab.

Expected Result

  1. The assign button would not be visible here
  2. Only on a record that could be assigned.

Actual Result

  1. The assign button is visible and should not be.


Switching from Script Tab and Returning Causes Script to be at Top Again.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Sign into Skylight or Skylight Desktop and use a flow that has a long script.
  2. when looking at the script scroll down a bunch and switch tabs then come back to the script tab.

Expected Result

  1. that the script would stay in the place we left it.

Actual Result

  1. the script will be at the top again, and the agent will have to go back to where they left off.


SEND SMS notation

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set up an Flow with multiple SMS notations with more than one phone number hardcoded. 
    Dial into the flow 
    The SMS will only be sent to the first hardcoded number in the list of notations. 
    Should send an SMS to each number.



Unable to update Business Hours to include exceptions after a set time of day

Client is attempting to set a Business hours Exception but encounters the attached error. 
1. access the business hours 
2. create a new business hours 
3. Attempt to add exception for the same day (for client we test after 8 pm time.



Recording does not capture warm transfer consultations

This bug was reported by Calabrio while integrating with our platform.

Upon performing a warm transfer, the consultation period of Agent1 speaking to Agent2, while the customer is on hold, is not captured as part of the recording.



Unable to change a user's role using Web UI
  1. User has to have logged in at least once before permission changes to permissions can be made. 
  2. When making changes to a Role, the user cannot be logged in or the save will not work.

Customer has indicated that the users should not have to log into the Toolbar in order to make changes to the user permissions.



Disabling presence reasons has no effect When a presence reason is disabled, expectation is to no longer show up when the user /config route is hit. As it is, the user /config route returns the reason lists without filtering out inactive presence reasons.


User should unable to create more than one Dispatch mapping of same interaction type (ex:voice) with the same Mapping Value. An error should be displayed to stop the user in creating second dispatch mapping with the same contact number. Currently. user can easily create more than one dispatch mapping of same interaction type with the same mapping value


Cannot Send Outbound SMS While Agent is Not Ready

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open new interaction and set agent to away.
  2. Try to send an outbound sms

Expected Result

  1. The agent should be able to send an outbound sms while in a state other than "Ready"

Actual Result

  1. The user is unable to create an outbound sms while agent is anything other than "Ready"


PDF formatting for Report is incorrect The last line in the PDF file gets jumbled up when there are many lines on the report.


Refreshing a Realtime Dahsboard page always returns you to Overview

Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to a Realtime Dashboard that isn't the Overview
  2. Reload the page

Expected Result

  1. The current dashboard is loaded

Actual Result

  1. The Overview Dashboard loads instead of the previously selected one.


Reusable Flow name with special characters make the flow non reusable on other flows. Empty box displayed within other flows for the re-usable section when using special characters for re-usable flow names.


Issue Regarding Only Supporting E.164 Format in Salesforce Currently, when you click on the Non e164 format number the dialpad pops up and if you hit submit without adding the +(& area code) in front of the number the toolbar hangs.


All Enabled Transfer Lists Show for an Agent Without being Assigned to any Agents.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Sign into Config ui and create a transfer list / set it to active for warm and cold transfers.
  2. Dont add it to any agents.
  3. Sign into Skylight desktop and check the transfer list you created after receiving an interaction.

Expected Result

  1. That the agent would not be able to see the transfer list when it has not been added to that agent.

Actual Result

  1. The agent can see the transfer list when it has not been added to that agent
31 CXV1-13463 Call Recording Playback through Firefox is not allowed

Due to current limitations with Firefox recorded message links will not function.  Please use Chrome or IE11 for recording playback functions.

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