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Known Issues - Classic

Problem Number
Problem Subject
Problem Description
1 GSS-54 Campaign - Caller ID Visibility Issue Sometimes when creating or loading call center campaigns, the Caller ID Field will not be visible. This happens despite filling in the Caller ID Field. Type of campaign does not make a difference.
2 GSS-5 Silent Monitoring | Tracked Agents and Client Configuration When a User in Contact Center has the setting "Belongs to this Client" configured AND Agents are being tracked in Silent Monitoring, Silent Monitoring disconnects with an error.
3 GSS-28 LOA | Outbound Dialer | ARS Dialer records not being loaded due to campaign limit being exceeded. Increase the default max campaigns in the Outbound Dialer to be greater then current configured maximum of 50. Some customers expects them to configure over 100 outbound dialer campaigns for their agents.
4 GSS-26 Double ring Audio Sometimes calls are playing two ring events when attempting to reach the agent with an inbound call. This to be caused by something in the Release CMX 9.11.2 that has not been identified.
5 GSS-37 Engage Panel Audible when Agent Paused Customers would like the engage panel to play an audible sound when the agent is paused due to not answering a phone call.
6 GSS-36 Product to be enhanced for Agent Profile in ltool Customer would like to have the start date under the Account status tab auto filled by the system when an agent profile is created
7 GSS-41 Live Chat and Email Messages Unevenly Distributed Message, both email and Live Chat, are unevenly distributed to agents with same skills configured to accept these messages. These messages are sometimes not being offered to some agents while it is continuously being offering to others (back-to-back).
8 GSS-43 SFDC - CTI Toolkit will Retire in Spring ‘17 We will no longer move forward to support the old CTI toolkit. We will only support the new OpenCTI for Salesforce integrations.
9 GSS-30 Block URL from Agents accessing chat directly Customer does not want this URL to be able to access chats, Despite the agents having to log in, they want to control when the agents log in and not allow them to do this anytime.
10 GSS-17 Feature Request | Average Wrap Up Time based on all calls answered New report result option that will display an average wrap up time based on all the calls answered, not just those calls where Wrap Up was used.
11 ER-1054 Cannot Add new Facebook Accounts to Engage Facebook Security updates causing API linking problems resulting in the inability to add new accounts to the Engage product.
13 GSS-646 Salesforce Activity Call Length does not update Call Length Activity Field will not show the length of the call.  In lieu of this field please use the Call Duration field.
14 GSS-18 Agents able to blind transfer calls without answering Call controls should be disabled until an agent answers a phone call. These controls are current active while the call is being presented which may cause a blind transfer issue if call transferred without answered first.
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