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Missed Calls when Agent is logged out of WebRTC phone

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Q: We are using LiveOps/webRTC (softphone) solution for our Sales teams (inbound/outbound calls to the agent’s direct DID) and one of the things our team have noticed is that there is no "Missed calls" option on LiveOps phone panel. So, if people called them while they are not logged into LiveOps, is there no way to see that?



A: The LiveOps Phone Panel is a tool designed for an Agent to handle Agent calls.  It was designed to be the control interface for Contact Center calls directed to an Agent’s desk phone.  Personal calls (or direct calls) to/from an Agent’s desk phone while they are NOT logged in as an Agent would normally be done using their desk handset/PBX/UC solution, etc.  Those calls would normally not route through the Contact Center at all.


When companies choose to do away with the traditional PBX handset and use the WebRTC interface for their Agents, this means agents have no telephony capability when they are not logged in as an agent.  Remember, LiveOps is a Call Center routing platform, designed to route calls from an incoming number to a specific pool of agents.  LiveOps is not a Hosted PBX or a Hosted Unified Communication solution.  We don’t have PBX/UC features (e.g., voice mail, personal call routing, missed call notification, etc.)


Phone Panel also does not have a “log into the system as a user, but not as an agent” concept.  Agents are either able to take calls, or not.  There is no middle ground.


So there is no way for an agent to log in but not be an agent – therefore, there is no way for an agent to see missed calls to their personal number.

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