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I Lost my Connection to Chat

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I can't connect ... I lost my connection to Chat.


If you get disconnected from Chat due to a momentary loss of internet access, Chat will attempt to automatically reconnect.

If Chat cannot automatically reconnect, then close Chat, and check your internet connection to make sure it is active. 

If it is active, re-start Chat by clicking the Go Online link on your Call Center home page. 

If you still have net connectivity, but the Chat application won't reload, try killing the browser's process, or just reboot your computer. 

If you have lost net access, try to reboot and see if you can get the net connectivity back. 

If you can't get your net connection back, notify your AF that you are having internet connections problems, and contact your internet service provider.


If you encounter an error message you don't understand, try looking it up in the Error Message Glossary.

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