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Speed Dial

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Speed Dial


Speed dial improves your efficiency as an Agent by letting you quickly find and choose the right transfer or conference target. These targets are grouped into lists.


Speed Dial Lists & Targets

A speed dial List can contain one or more speed dial Target. A target can be one of the following Contact Center objects:

  • An Agent
  • A Campaign
  • A Pool
  • A phone number

A single list can contain a mix of speed dial targets.


To find a speed dial Target:


When you are on a call that uses the speed dial feature, your Phone Panel Calls tab displays the available speed dial targets. By default, all targets are shown. You can narrow down the targets shown in two ways:


  • Use the Show List drop down—select a list to show only the targets assigned to that last.
  • Use the Search box—the target list will change to match your search as you type.


Figure 11-10 shows an example of speed dial lists and targets.

Figure 11-10: Speed dial example with all targets displayed.


To use a specific target in a transfer or conference:


  1. Follow the steps outlined in article Call Conference and Call Transfer to initiate a call conference or transfer.
  2. Locate the specific speed dial target.
  3. Click a target to select it. This will also display any description of that target.
  4. Click Start Transfer or Start Conference.


  • Speed dial targets will not show you if there is an active Agent available. When transferring or conferencing to a speed dial target, you (or the caller) may have to wait in the queue for the answering Agent to become available.


Figure 11-11 shows how selecting a speed dial list restricts the targets displayed. In this case, the Sales speed dial list contains just one target, North American Sales.


Figure 11-11: Speed dial example with selected targets displayed.

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