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Phone Panel Last Call

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Phone Panel Last Call


The Last Call feature lets you instruct the Phone Panel to send you offline after the current call ends. When you click this button, the call can be completed as usual, but when you hang up or the call ends in another fashion (e.g. transfer), your Phone Panel will be placed into the Unavailable state. To continue taking calls again, you must set the presence menu to Available again.


To use Last Call:


Figure 9-1: Last Call Button


Anytime before your call ends, click the Last Call button on the bottom of the Call tab. When your call ends, you will be signed off.


The Last Call button will NOT appear in your Phone Panel under certain conditions:


  • The Last Call button will not appear if you are on a Dial Out call.
  • If the Disable Last Call attribute is set for your user account, the Last Call button will not appear.
  • If your Contact Center is configured to display Away Reasons, the Last Call button will not appear.


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