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Phone Panel Hot Desking

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Phone Panel Hot Desking


For Agents based in physical "brick and mortar" facilities, Cloud Contact Center Platform provides a "Hot Desking" feature. Hot Desking requires you to select a workstation before you go online. Hot Desking allows you to use any available workstation to take calls. Your phone number is assigned to your workstation, so even if you use a different phone and computer from day to day, calls will be routed correctly to you.


To start a Hot Desking session:


  1. Launch Phone Panel
  2. Select your workstation from the list in the sign in page
  3. (Optional) Select a Line Group (if your Contact Center uses this feature) 
  4. (Optional) Select a Call Type from the drop down menu


Figure 8-1: Hot Desking Sign In



  • If your list of workstations is very long, you can use the "type ahead search" capability using the number assigned to the Workstation. Start typing the first few numbers associated with the workstation name: the list will jump to the first entry matching what you type.


  • If a workstation you expect to see is not on the list, you might need to wait for up to five minutes. The Hot Desking system automatically releases locked workstations every five minutes. If after this time, your workstation is still not available, contact your system administrator. They can release a workstation manually.


The rest of Phone Panel functions identically for Agents using Hot Desking and non-Hot Desking users.

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