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Phone Panel Dial Out

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Phone Panel Dial Out


Dial Out is a telephony feature that allows you to make an outbound call to any arbitrary telephone number. Outbound dialing is not available to all Contact Centers, and only Agents certified to make outbound calls will see this feature.


  • Dial Out is not the same as Outbound: the former enables an Agent to specify a single target phone number, whereas the latter typically makes calls automatically to batches of phone numbers, directing each inbound leg to an Agent.


Figure 7 -1: Call Type menu


If you are a Dial Out enabled Agent, you must choose whether to take "All Calls" or "Dial Out Only." If you choose All Calls, you will receive normal inbound calls and possibly (depending on the Contact Center and Campaign) outbound calls, as well. If you choose Dial Out Only, you must supply the phone number to call and the Campaign used to track each call.


  • You can switch from "All Calls" mode to "Dial Out" by changing the Call Type menu selection to Dialout


To make a Dial Out Call:


Figure 7-2: Ready to Dial Out


  1. Select Dial Out mode 
  2. Select the Campaign to be used for the call
  3. Enter the phone number to call (1 + area code + number)
  4. Click Call Now


From this point on, the call proceeds as normal; depending on the Campaign you chose, you may see a script pop, call hold and transfer buttons, etc.

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