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Phone Panel Away Reasons

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An away reason is an explanation for why an Agent is going offline or becoming unavailable for calls. You may be required to select from a predefined list of reasons via your Phone Panel when performing either of these actions. The list of away reasons is defined by your Contact Center Administrator, and can be customized per Agent.


1 Away Reason and Presence Settings

Selecting an away reason may be required when going offline and is required when becoming unavailable. If your Phone Panel displays away reasons for either of these actions, you must select one to complete the action. However, you may be allowed to go offline without specifying a reason for doing so. In this case, no away reasons will appear in your Phone Panel.


2 Selecting an Away Reason

To select an away reason:

  1. Click the presence menu.
  2. If you are required to select a reason for going offline, you will see a list of reasons under the Offline label.
  3. If you are enabled to become unavailable, you will instead see a list of reasons under the Unavailable label.
  4. Click the away reason most appropriate to your situation.


  • If you are currently on a call, you must end that call normally before the away reason will take effect.


Figure 6-1: Selecting an Offline Away Reason


After you have selected an away reason, Phone Panel Guide displays this in the header area:


Figure 6-2: Offline Away Reason Display

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