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Phone Panel Answering Calls

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3.1 Accepting an Incoming Call

After you go online, you are available to take calls. When the first call comes in:


Figure 3-1: On a Call


  • Your phone rings
  • For Call Centers using the Scripting System: A pop-up window appears with the call script displayed
  • Your presence state changes to On Call
  • The current call information displays in the Call tab. Additional softphone controls may appear in this tab
  • An "incoming call:" message appears in the status bar. This message is recorded in the Log tab. Scripting system users will also see a "Screen pop" message with a link to the call script in the Log tab


3.2 Pause

Figure 3-2: Paused Phone Panel


If you do not answer a call quickly enough (typically, about three rings), Phone Panel will pause you. When you are paused, you will not receive any more calls. Your af.one will be notified that you have been paused. Excessive pausing can negatively impact your performance rating.


If the system pauses you, you will see a large message saying "You have been paused" overlay your PP window. To unpause yourself, click on the Go Online againbutton


  • While you are paused, you are not available for calls.



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