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Phone Panel After Call Wrap Up

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Phone Panel After Call Wrap Up


A Contact Center Campaign can be configured to allow you extra time after finishing the call for record keeping or other post call tasks. This is called Wrap Uptime. There are two types of wrap up time: normal or manual wrap up and auto wrap up.


Figure 5-1: Wrap Up Button


Manual Wrap Up—In this mode, you must click the Wrap Up button in your Call tab to initiate wrap up time after you hang up.


Auto Wrap Up—In this mode, you are automatically put into wrap up mode (the Wrap Up button is already selected) after you have been on the call for a specified amount of time (the "target wrap up time").


  • If you don't see a Wrap Up button, then your Campaign is not wrap up enabled. 


Wrap up begins when you (or the caller) hang up the phone. Here's what you will see when you are in wrap up mode:


Figure 5-2: Wrap Up Button

(in Wrap Up mode)


  • The Wrap Up button in your Phone Panel will change color. See Figure 5-2. 
  • The Wrap Up timer appears in a new panel on the Call tab. The timer shows how much time you have spent in wrap up mode and the target wrap up time. See Figure 5-3. 
  • As you approach the target wrap up time, the timer will change to red. See Figure 5-4. 
  • Once you reach the maximum wrap up time, wrap up times out and you will be made available for calls again.
  • If you complete your wrap up tasks within the allotted time, click the Wrap Up button again: you will become available to take another call.

Figure 5-3: Wrap Up Started


Figure 5-4: Approaching Target Wrap Up Time


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