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Call Conference

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Call Conference


When you Conference or Transfer to a Campaign, Contact Center locates an Agent to receive the call using whatever routing rules are in place for that Campaign. In other words, you will end up speaking with the best available Agent for that Campaign.


To use the Conference features:


  1. You must be on a call whose Campaign has been configured to allow this feature.
  2. Click the Conference button that appears in the Line 2 pane of the Call tab. 

Figure 11-1: Conference button


  1. Choose a target Campaign or enter a phone number as the conference destination. You can search for a specific target by typing its name in the search field.
    • The Show: drop down menu is useful when you have speed dial enabled.


Figure 11-2: Campaign/Phone Number selection


  1. Click Start Conference.


Once connected to the conference, you can do the following:


  • Place or remove the caller from hold by clicking the Hold button in the Line 1 panel.

Figure 11-3: Line 1 Hold Button


  • Place or remove the second Agent from hold by clicking the Hold button in the Line 2 panel (this is an optional feature available only for some Contact Centers).
  • Disconnect the second Agent by clicking the Actions button, then selecting Disconnect. You and the caller will still be connected.

Figure 11-4: Actions Button


  • Transfer the call to the second Agent by clicking the Leave Conference button at the bottom of the Phone Panel.

Figure 11-5: Leave Conference Button

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