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Usage Examples

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Usage Examples


1 Cancel a State Change

A state change can be cancelled by clicking outside the selection box, anywhere else on the web page. This will return the selection to the "Change Agent State" text.


Figure 2-1: Canceling State Change


2 Move an Unavailable Agent into an Online State (move between states)

  1. Agent has gone online into an Unavailable state.


Figure 2-2: Phone Panel Unavailable State


  1. Administrator opens the User Account List page and views the Unavailable agent.


  1. Administrator now sees “Change Agent State” as one of the available Actions.


Figure 2-3: Change Agent State Link


  1. Clicking “Change Agent State”, the text transforms into a drop-down, containing the states for which an agent is eligible.


Figure 2-4: Change Agent State Link


  1. Administrator selects “Inbound” from the list of available states.


Figure 2-5: Select Inbound State


  1. Administrator receives a modal-dialog pop-up indicating the state change has occurred.


Figure 2-6: State Change Success Message


  1. The account list will automatically refresh.


  1. Phone Panel changes to “Available” for “All Calls” (agent without dialer access) or “Inbound Only” (agent with dialer access).


Figure 2-7: State Change Success Message


3 Changing State for an Agent already Offline

When an agent goes offline while an administrator is in the process of altering that agent's state, the system will notify the administrator of the problem.


  1. Agent goes offline.


Figure 2-8: Phone Panel Change State


  1. Administrator has already opened the list of eligible states.


  1. Administrator selects "Dialout".


Figure 2-9: Changing State for an Agent already Offline


  1. The administrator is notified that the change cannot be made.


4 Changing State for an Agent Currently On Call

If an agent is on call, the Actions list will not display the Change Agent State action. If enabled, Listen to Call will be displayed instead.


Figure 2-10: Changing State for an Agent Currently On Call

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