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Configuring Speed Dial

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1 What is Speed Dial?

Speed dial improves Agent efficiency by providing convenient lists of possible transfer or conference targets. Speed dial lists appear in the Phone Panel for all Agents taking calls in a speed dial-enabled Contact Center. Agents can easily browse or search for these targets whenever they want to transfer the call or create a conference with the caller and another party.


https://callcenter.liveops.com/mason/staff/doc/images/0013666-15.gif Key Concepts

  • Contact Center Administrators define lists of speed dial targets.
  • A target can be a phone number or one of several kinds of Contact Center objects.
  • Agents can select a list then choose the target in their Phone Panel when they want to transfer or conference the call.
  • Speed dial target usage is tracked via Contact Center Campaigns.
  • By default, speed dial lists are available to all Agents in your Contact Center. You can restrict access to lists based on Agent Attributes.
  • The speed dial feature itself must be enabled for your Contact Center by your Professional Services representative.
  • Speed dial lists only appear in the Phone Panel when the Agent is actually on a call.


Figure 14-1 shows an example of speed dial targets displayed in the Phone Panel.


Figure 14-1: Phone Panel with speed dial targets displayed.


2 Enabling Speed Dial in Contact Center

Speed dial is enabled on a per-Contact Center basis. This must be done by Professional Services staff.


To enable speed dial :

  1.  Select the Configure > Call Center > Edit Call Center menu.
  2. Locate the speed dial field and enter the number "1" in the edit field.
  3. (Optional) Set the Default Tracking Campaign. (check actual name) This is the Contact Center that will be used for billing and reporting.


3 Creating Speed Dial Targets

A speed dial target is a transfer or conference destination. A target can be one of the following Contact Center objects:

  • An Agent
  • A Campaign
  • A Pool
  • A phone number

To create a speed dial target:

  1.  Select the Configure > Speed Dial > Targets menu.
  2. Click Add New Target.
  3. Configure the fields on the General tab.
  4. Click Save.
  • Click the pagehelp button at the top of the edit page to display detailed information on these configuration fields. 


  • Targets can be declared as "inactive" but not deleted once they have been used in a list.


Figure 14-2 shows the speed dial targets list page with a selection of example targets.


Figure 14-2: Speed dial Targets List page, showing number of lists using each target, the type, status and action links. Click "About this page" for detailed field information.


4 Creating Speed Dial Lists

A speed dial list is a collection of targets. By default, the lists you define are available to all Agents in your Contact Center. You can restrict access to lists based on Agent Attributes.

To create a speed dial list:

  1.  Select the Configure > Speed Dial > Lists menu. 

Figure 14-3: Speed dial lists page, showing number of targets in each list, global or attribute based and action links.

  1. Click Add New List.
  2. Give your list an intuitive name and description. The list name will be seen by your Agents.
  3. Click the Attributes tab.
  4. Lists can be either global or attribute based:
    1. If this list will be seen by all Agents, leave the Global List? field set to Yes.
    2. To restrict this list to a subset of Agents, set the Global List? field set to No. 
      A new Attributes control will appear on the form: 

Figure 14-4: List Edit Page: Attribute Tab. Set Global List? to "No" to see the Attributes control.

  1. Click Add Attribute.
  2. Select the Agent Attributes that are required to view this list.
  1. Click the Targets tab.
  2. Click Add Target to List.
  3. Select a target from the Speed Dial Targets drop down list.
    • You can add as many targets as you like. See Figure 14-5.
  4.  Save.


Figure 14-5: List Edit Page: Targets Tab, showing multiple targets.


5 Global vs. Attribute Based Lists

By default, speed dial lists are global: they are visible to and usable by all Agents in your Contact Center. You can restrict access to a list by requiring Agents to possess certain Agent Attributes. (Agent Attributes are also known as "Routing Attributes.") When assigning Attributes, keep in mind the following:


  • The Attribute value must be 1 (one) for numeric Attributes or "Yes" / true for boolean Attributes.
  • The Attribute must be active (not retired).
  • Only Administrative Attributes (Category = Administrative) can be selected.
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