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Configuring Last Call

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1 What is Last Call?

The Last Call feature lets an Agent instruct the Phone Panel to send her offline after the current call ends.

This feature is turned on by default for inbound calls. When the call starts, the Agent's Phone Panel displays a Last Call button. If the Agent clicks this button, the call can be completed as usual, but when the Agent hangs up or the call ends in another fashion (e.g. transfer), the Phone Panel will be placed into the Unavailable state.


2 Disabling the Last Call Button

The Last Call button can be disabled by setting an Agent's Disable Last Call attribute. This Attribute does not exist by default; it must be created in each Contact Center where it is desirable to disable this feature.\


To create this Routing Attribute:


  1.  Select the Routing > Routing Attributes menu.
  2. Click Add New Attribute.
  3. Type Disable Last Call in the Attribute Name field.
  4. Set the Category to Administrative.
  5. Set the Status to Active.
  6. Set the Attribute Type to Normal.
  7. Set the Data Type to Yes/No.
  8. Set the Default Value:
    • If set to Yes, Agents will not see a Last Call button in their Phone Panel.
    • If set to No, Agents will not see a Last Call button in their Phone Panel.
  9.  Available for Reporting to Yes.
  10.  Machine Generated to No.
  11.  Save Changes.


The Routing Attribute name, Disable Last Call, must be entered exactly as shown or the system will not recognize it.

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