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Chat Channel Administration

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Creating Chat Channels

Chat supports multiple Channels (also known as "rooms"). You must be an Administrator in your current On-Demand Call Center Platform to create new Chat Channels. To create a new Chat Channel:


  • Sign in to On-Demand Call Center Platform
  • Select the Configure | Edit Call Center menu item
  • Open the Macaw Chat Channels tab


  • If you receive a message about an "Unresponsive Script", click Continue.The Edit Call Center page contains a lot of Javascript and your browser may time out before downloading the entire page. Click Continue to tell your browser to wait for the entire page to download.


Figure 17-1: Adding Chat Channels


  • Click the Add Chat Channel link
  • Enter a name for your new Chat Channel
  • You must select an Attribute to use that will determine admission to your new Chat Channel


  • Note that the Admission Attribute you use should be a "yes/no" (Boolean) type. If the Attribute's value is "no" (which equates to zero) or blank, the Agent won't be admitted to the Channel. If the value is "yes" (which equates to one), the Agent will be admitted. If you use a String type Attribute, you must only use "0" (zero) or "1" (one): if you use "yes" and "no" in a String attribute, Call Center will treat the "no" as non-blank, which equates to one. Clear as mud, eh? To avoid confusion, we suggest you use "yes/no" Attributes explicitly to determine Chat Channel admission.


  • It's a good idea to create the Channel's Admission Attribute prior to creating the Channel. This will save you from having to stop in the middle of creating your Channel to go create the Attribute. If you need to create the Attribute after starting to create your Channel, you'll need to save the Macaw Chat Channels page, create the Attribute, then reload the Macaw Chat Channels page.


  • Click the Save Changes button


When you click the Save Changes button, your new Channel will be created. You will see a unique "token" name and IRC "mode" string automatically generated. These are used internally by Call Center and cannot be changed by the Administrator.


Figure 17-2: Macaw Chat Channels


Deleting a Chat Channel

Chat Channels may only be deleted if they have never had any activity. Once a Channel receives a message post, it can no longer be deleted.

To delete an unused Chat Channel click the "X" icon to the right of its Attribute

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