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Away Reason Administration

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Away Reasons Administration


You can enable Agents to provide a reason when they sign out of Chat by creating one or more "Away Reasons." (Using Away Reasons is described in Chapter 3 in the Ending a Chat Session section.)


Figure 16-1: Away Reasons


To create a Away Reason:


  • Sign in to On-Demand Call Center Platform
  • Select the Configure | Edit Call Center menu item
  • Open the Away Reasons tab


  • If you receive a message about an "Unresponsive Script", click Continue.The Edit Call Center page contains a lot of Javascript and your browser may time out before downloading the entire page. Click Continue to tell your browser to wait for the entire page to download.


  • Click the Add Away Reason link
  • If desired or required, enter a code for this reason. Codes are optional and are not displayed to Agents. Codes are provided as a way of integrating with 3rd party workforce management tools. You can export Away Reason records, with codes, using the Report Tool. (For more information on using Report Tool in general, consult the Report Tool User Guide.)
  • Enter a name for your new Away Reason. This is the label that will be displayed to Agents when they click "Away..." in their Chat Phone Panel.
  • You must select an Attribute to use that will determine who can see your new Away Reason.


  • Only Agents who have a "non-zero" value for the specified Attribute will see this Away Reason.


  • Click the Save Changes button


When you click the Save Changes button, your new Away Reason will be created.

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