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Setting up a new customer

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Setting up a new customer


To add a new customer, simply enter the data to the Customer Details tab as required.


The customer details tab displays the standard fields within Multichannel for any newly added customer.  Site specific additional customer fields can be added in the Custom Data tab.



We can have up to 30 ‘short fields’ – to store information up to 255 characters.


We can also have up two 2 ‘long fields’ – to store information that is unlimited in length.


We can also have up to 2 ‘date time fields’ - This allows the user to click on a pop up calendar allowing for easy selection of an applicable date in the extended customer screen in the Message Console. When in the customer extended details screen when you tab thru either of the DateTime01 or DateTime02 fields the following pop up calendar displays;



The screen labels can all be changed – ShortField01 has been changed to be Registration Number (in the above screen shot) to reflect the data that you are capturing in this field.




You should add as many details as you can – it’s much easier to add these now than to add them later.


Once the fields have been entered, add any file notes that you want other members of your team or contact centre to be aware of.  These will appear every time the customer record is accessed.



When a record is added, the status of the customer is automatically set to Active.  Where a customer is Inactive, the customer can send inbound messages but these can’t be automatically responded to.  Inbound messages when a customer is currently inactive can be responded to if the customer is set to be active and the customer record updated.  The agent can then go back to completing the message, at which point the message will display an outbound option.  Otherwise the inbound message will only be able to be assigned to a category and closed.


If a general user is processing a message from a customer that is flagged as being inactive and the general user has access to updating customer records then they can carry out the above update.  Otherwise an admin user will need to change the customer record accordingly.


If the agent is able to carry out the update to ‘active’ then the screen will refresh and the option to send an outbound reply will now be available to them. 


Should it be another user who carries out this update then once the update has been completed the agent then needs to click on the  text again and the message will display an outbound option.

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