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Emptying the Engage Email Queue

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Emptying the Email Queue in Engage


Frequently, the Engage email queue becomes stuffed with unwanted or outdated emails. To empty unwanted emails from the Engage Email queue, it is necessary first to have created the following:


  1. Special category and sub-category (which could be labeled ‘spam’ or what-have-you.)
  2. Special skill for the purpose (i.e., ‘Spam skill’).


In the callcenter instance, go to Configure>Multichannel>Edit Multichannel> Admin>Categories.


In Categories section you can create the category and sub-category:


In Message Manager, first select Channel (Step 1), then “In The Queue” from the Messages dropdown list (Step 2). Now select individual emails on the right side, or use the Select All button on the lower right. Select the category and sub-category, and click the Assign to: checkbox. Select Spam Skill from the dropdown. Click the Close button, which will now assign all the selected emails to the Spam skill.


Now you can select all the Spam Skill emails and assign them to the Spam sub-category as below:


Choose Spam Skill from the Skill dropdown, choose the Queue, and select Spam Category and Spam Sub-Category at the bottom left. Don’t forget to Select All on the right. Then click Close.


All of the closed emails should no longer appear in the Email Queue.

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