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Customer Console

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Customer Console

You may launch the search popup window by clicking on the  button in the Customer Console screen.


Any information can be entered into the search criteria field, or it may be multiple pieces of information that you know about the contact separated by spaces.  When the <SEARCH> button is selected, the entire customer database is searched for these pieces of information in any fields in the database and if a customer record contains both of these pieces of information the record(s) will be returned for you to select the applicable customer. Please note that the search only looks for word matches that start with the data entered.  For example entering ‘Ops ame will not result in the record being returned as per the following example as there is no match in the database for any customer record(s) where any word(s) start with tration or somewhere.  You do not need to type the entire word, for example ‘admin Blog would return the customer record in following screen shot. 




Clicking on the <CLOSE button on the Customer Console screen will close the search window.  To change the search criteria highlight all of the text as contained in red box above and type in new search detail.



The additional customer details are added via the customer console screens, click on the extended customer details icon   , screen displays:





The customer details tab displays the standard fields within Multichannel for any newly added customer.  Site specific additional customer fields can be added in the Custom Data tab.



We can have up to 30 ‘short fields’ – to store information up to 255 characters.


We can also have up two 2 ‘long fields’ – to store information that is unlimited in length.


We can also have up to 2 ‘date time fields’ - This allows the user to click on a pop up calendar allowing for easy selection of an applicable date in the extended customer screen in the Message Console. When in the customer extended details screen when you tab thru either of the DateTime01 or DateTime02 fields the following pop up calendar displays;



The screen labels can all be changed – ShortField01 has been changed to be Registration Number (in the above screen shot) to reflect the data that you are capturing in this field.




You should add as many details as you can – it’s much easier to add these now than to add them later.

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