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Adding or removing an individual from a group

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Adding or removing an individual from a group


Customer Groups are used to send bulk messages to customers with something in common, via the Broadcast Console.  One customer can belong to as many different groups as required.



Setting up Customer Groups, uploading customers in bulk to a group and sending broadcast messages are generally functions reserved for Admin users.  General users are able to add or remove individuals by clicking on the  tab on the customer console screen;




The count value displayed on the tab (#) is the number of customer groups that the customer is currently assigned to. 


This count includes both active and inactive customer groups.


Unless a customer is in an inactive customer group the default display will only be active customer groups.

Customers can be manually added / removed from a customer group by ticking (to add) / unticking (to remove) the applicable customer group and clicking <SAVE>, or click on close <CLOSE> to ignore any changes made / close the customer record.

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