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Adding a twitter contact

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Adding a twitter contact



  • Channel 
  • Indicates the channel that you are adding / editing the record of currently  (Twitter in this case)
  • Contact
  • Enter the contact details for the applicable channel.  Rules determine if ‘Invalid’ will appear alongside this field if it is not correctly formatted to the channel selected.
  • The @ symbol at the beginning of the twitter contact is not required and will be stripped when the contact is saved. By default the @ symbol will be appended on creation of twitter messages.
  • Primary
  • Nominate if this is the primary means of communication for this channel type.  If communication types are enabled then primary contact details are negated in terms of broadcasts as the channel applicable to the communication type  will be broadcasted to
  • Contactable
  • Tick if you wish this contact to be able to be messaged.  Note it does not stop the customer sending in a message from this contact record.
  • Current Status
  • The last update made by this twitter account is displayed
  • ID
  • The ID given to this account by Twitter themselves
  • Name
  • The name of this twitter account
  • Following
  • The number of ID’s this person is following
  • Followers
  • The number of accounts that are following this ID
  • Tweet Count
  • The total number of tweets made by this Twitter ID
  • Save
  • Click save to update the record
  • Close
  • Click close to cancel any newly entered details
  • Delete
  • Deletes the Twitter data if an existing record is being modified


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