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Sent Messages count vs display

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Sent Messages count vs display


Often the count of ‘sent’ messages is greater than the display of ‘messages sent today’.



In the example above there are 5 sent email messages but only 2 messages are currently listed in the Messages Sent Today display.


The variation is due to the count of sent messages including all the broadcast messages and if applicable for emails any bounced messages where the bounced email is no longer being treated as a sent message. Whereas the messages sent today listing is only those messages manually sent from the message console to individual email recipients and those bounced emails that are still to be treated as a sent message (refer to the original message state on the bounce detection handler)


If any bounced message says the original message is to be left as sent then the message will remain in the sent list until the admin setting resets the values for the site. If any bounced message says the original message is to be treated as either a hard or soft bounce then the moment the message is bounced it will be removed from the ‘sent’ display but will still remain in the messages sent count.

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