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Reassigning Messages

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Reassigning Messages

Escalating / Pending / Reassigning


There are occasions when general users select an inbound message in error and do not want to complete processing it.


The options available to the user are:


  1. Complete processing the message and escalate it to another skill or pend it to another user.  This is done by nominating either “esc” or “pend” and selecting the applicable skill/user.  Esc =  Pend =    Pending a message will reassign it back in to the queue with the applicable skill setting assigned to it.  Note if skills aren’t set up on the site then pending will not be an option.  Escalating a message closes the message and user that the message is assigned to can locate the message in the Dashboard, under the pending messages tab for that user.  To remove the pending message from this user the message should be opened (click on the short message text for the message), the message console will open.  Use un-ticks the pend tick box and closes the message.


  1. Any Admin or Super User has access to ‘assigned’ messages in the Message Manager. In the message manager click on the drop down list of Messages for the channel required  Select assigned and the display will be all currently assigned email (in this example) messages;  Locate the message that you want to reset and click on the reset  icon. The user can then refresh their screen (F5) and they will no longer be processing this message and it will have been returned to the email queue of inbound messages to be processed.
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