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No messages are being delivered

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No messages are being delivered


Users report that they are not having messages delivered to them even though there are messages in the queue to be processed.


Check that the Gimme  icon is available to the user.  If not then Automatic Message delivery is  not an enabled feature – your reseller / support company will need to get this changed in Admin – Core Config Console.

Check that the user has ‘Automatic Message Delivery’ ticked in Admin – User/Team setup – Rights tab.

Check that the user is set to being available – logout icon should be set to available  as opposed to offline  or on break

Check that the user has the skills applicable to those currently in the queue.

If the user is an admin user then the messages aren’t automatically delivered to the user.  The must click on Gimme to be delivered each message, setting to available will not automatically deliver messages to admin users.

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