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Multichannel is slow to launch

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Multichannel is:slow to launch screens / hanging / timing out


Another agent should log on to Multichannel using their own login and determine if they experience the same issue.


If no then;


  • Has the issue been remedied for the agent also?
  • Is this user the only one experiencing the same problem – ask user to repeat steps on another machine.  If applicable to a single user get the user to close down all IE sessions and to log only Multichannel back in again.  Is issue resolved?  If not then an engineer will need to run diagnostics on the users machine to determine where problem lies.
  • If applicable to multiple users then a network engineer will need to determine where the problem lies.


If yes then;

  • Confirm if the issue is applicable to only this particular screen / query / set of key strokes
  • Log a support call with LiveOps
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